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Where our WOOD came from!!! by funktownfarm
August 12, 2009, 3:18 am
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Our friend Matt cut down this tree on his property an used some of it to make our BEAUTIFUL raised beds and chicken coop!! Matt and I grew up together “off the land” up in Mendocino, Ca. We are both the children of hippie-christian-back-to-the-land parents and he still lives a bit like we did growing up. It is such a beautiful way of life. Can we have a bit of that here in Oakland? I want to. Now, so does Richie. The thing that impressed me most while we were at Matt and Julie’s for dinner was their FIVE garbage cans! (You think we are earth conscious here???) There is one can for recycling, one for compost, one for the chickens, one for the burn pile and one for landfill. I had the same garbage sorting duties growing up as Matts kids do now. It was refreshing and inspiring to see. We now have 4 garbage cans.. how many do you have???07 16 09_0188


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We have 4, sorta:
Landfill (its a trash can)
Recycle (its a card board box)
Compost (its a bucket)
Chick food (its a yogurt container with fresh veggie scraps)

The last two go to FunkTown approx. twice a week.

🙂 Betsy

Comment by betsyj

Funktown needs goats from ghosttown!

Comment by eric

Lets have more bake sales! 🙂

Comment by funktownfarm

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