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Unlike most community gardens we garden together on our lot and share the produce. Each hours work = one basket of produce. Please come join us at one of our garden work days to get involved or email Daphne for a private tour and introduction to how things work. Our work days happen every Saturday late spring through fall and once a month in the winter. You can come and work in the garden anytime once you have had a tour. You will be given the code for the gate and can come and go as you please. We currently use a google group to communicate regarding To Do Lists. If you are a new gardener do not be intimidated! You are welcome to come garden along one of us more experienced gardeners until you feel ready to work independently. Gardens are very forgiving. We at Funk Town Farm know that gardening mistakes teach us more than doing things perfectly. It’s all part of working together as a community! Email Daphne at for more info.



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Dope!! Sounds like a great idea

Comment by Robert Trujillo


I am trying to get in touch with Betsy Johnson, regarding a gift certificate she ordered from our farm. I’m afraid my emails have been filtered to her junk mail folder and I do not want her to think we have forgotten about her. Please have her contact me. Thank you.

Comment by Amanda Jones

Hey, I’m putting on a Plant Swap in N. Oakland on May 7th and thought you might be interested. If you think your readers would like it too please do share.

Here is the info:

Comment by Kendra Poma

I was so excited to stumble upon the Funktown farm today and discover like-minded folks in my neighborhood engaged in urban community gardening! Thank you Daphne, skylark and ?? for welcoming me in. Also, I have a truck and tons of mulch – contact me!

Comment by kiernan

i think ?? = jess.

hi kiernan, i’m new to the blogging thing and have never had to respond to a comment! now i will be more aware.

thank you for being in touch so soon after learning about the garden. glad to have you in the neighborhood, too!


Comment by funktownfarm

How can I get involved?

Comment by josey summer

hi josey,

i would say the best thing is to stop by a saturday work day if possible (10-2). then you can meet some of the garden work day leaders. we can tell you a bit more about funk town and what goes on and ways to get involved during the week if you are interested. if you can’t make a saturday, we can stay in touch this way or via email and find another time to meet. stop by saturday morning if you can!

are you on our email list already? if not, would you like to be? we send out weekly updates about work days.


Comment by funktownfarm

hi, could you please add me to your listserv? thank you!

Comment by mk

of course…that is assuming you haven’t gotten a hold of us in some other way by now thanks to my super delayed response. we have an email that goes out a bit more consistently than this blog is updated. i could get you added to that. you can send your email address or stop by some saturday from 10-2. would love to meet you~ jess

Comment by funktownfarm

Hi neighbors, I’m going to be harvesting local organic lemons and possibly other citrus fruit starting this weekend. Would you, or any others be interested in bartering for eggs, other produce? My goal is to assemble a delicious light dinner from fresh, local and organic ingredients the Lakeneighbors association meeting, open to anyone in the hood. I want to highlight groups and stores who also contribute to this dinner.

Comment by lisa gorman

In the beginning, it is best to try many things to see what works best.
Apartment patios usually have some sort of railing
around them, as well, which makes them great for growing vegetables that need a little structural help ‘ tomatoes, pole beans, and cucumbers can all utilize the railings and trellises of the patio to grow. You too must move and change to keep your life and all of your items and possessions in balance.

Comment by Laura

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