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chxWe at Funk Town Farm  feel that gardening in a community not only is a service to that community but to the gardeners as well. Gardening slows us down in an otherwise hectic city, reminding us what is real. We believe that there is no anxiety that digging in the dirt cant help make better as it leads us to creation. We believe that human beings are meant to spend time outdoors. We believe in removing old cement. We believe that getting dirty is good not bad. We believe that chickens that are loved make more eggs and that people who are loved love others. We believe that we can cut back our garbage sent to the landfill by composting AND use it to grow things at the same time. We believe that bugs are better than pesticides.  We believe that the taste and smell of a tomato just off the vine can change hearts. We believe that we were created to dig side by side and share stories. We believe that is is true that “God made dirt and dirt wont hurt”.


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Amen! I love what your doing

Comment by Leslie

Hello, I contacted you a few months back about sponsoring a chicken, I am still really interested I just dont know how to get ahold of anyone. Is Saturday the only day that I could stop in without needing the code?
Please e-mail me and let me know,
THanks for your time,


Comment by kiona pfeiffer

Hi Kiona,

I just emailed you with the info! Email me back and we can set up a time for you to come visit the farm..


Comment by Daphne

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