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Instead of the dumpster, consider bringing your kitchen scraps to Funk Town and help us make dirt! See below for our compost guidelines. Contact us for the gate combo to start composting at Funk Town TODAY!

We also need mid week volunteers to help turn the compost. The more air under there, the faster we get good dirt! Contact Daphne to sign up for a weekly shift.

The mission of the Funk Town Farm’s Composting Program is..

To improve the soil of Funk Town Farm’s garden and to help those compost who’s buildings don’t offer the service (green bin)

Instructions – Just 3 Easy Steps!:

      1. Bring your kitchen waste (no meat please) to the compost bin of Funk Town Farm.
      2. Dump your compost out of your bag/container into the side marked fill this side.
      3. If you have a few minutes, stir your fresh compost into the pile using a pitch fork from the barn. Otherwise, cover with a sprinkling of straw.

That’s it! Please discard or re-use the bag/container you used to bring your compost – no plastic OR paper bags in the compost, please!


What CAN’T I compost at Funk Town?

Please, NO

      • meat
      • bones
      • grease
      • dairy products
      • animal feces
      • plastic (including bags marked compostable)
      • paper & cardboard (including cups, plates, egg cartons, etc). Exception: used coffee filters
      • weeds
      • oak leaves
      • sticks/branches longer than 1-inch in length

OK, so what CAN I compost?

You can compost the following, with the accompanying guidelines:

      • fruit and vegetable scraps/peels – *please remove sticker labels!
      • Coffee grounds and used filters
      • tea bags – *please remove the staple and paper tag!
      • egg shells – *please crush into smaller pieces
      • Bread, grains, pasta – *please break up and stir it into compost pile
      • DRY leaves – *except oak leaves
      • sticks/branches – *must be cut into small pieces

Should we compost food that wasn’t grown organically?

If you have washed your fruits and vegetables, there is very little pesticide residue left on the peels and scraps. While we recognize that there may still be traces of pesticides and chemical fertilizer entering our compost pile, the composting process itself breaks down most chemicals. Yes, it would be nice to have only organically grown material entering our compost, but we feel that sets an extremely high standard that would likely hinder community involvement in our garden. After researching the question, we feel that by accepting non-organically grown food waste we are still able to grow healthy, nutritionally rich foods in a manner that sustains soil health for the overall improvement of our urban environment. Just take those little stickers off!

Why can’t I compost bags, plates, forks etc… marked “compostable”?
Compostable disposables are a great step toward sustainability. However they take a long time to break down (up to two years) in a very large, hot compost facility, and our backyard compost is not strong enough to do this. In fact, not all products labeled “compostable” really are – even the City won’t yet accept “compostable plastic.” Secondly, they don’t offer any nutrients that would make our soil any better than it was – they are like “empty calories” for the soil. At Funk Town, it’s best to use reusable and not disposable products.


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Is fish okay to compost? I do not see it listed for or against on the list…

Comment by rich

No, no fish or animal products of any kind. (Egg shells are technically ok but we’re trying to keep them out of the compost because the chickens are developing a taste for them and are now pecking their own eggs. Please separate out egg shells and put them in any of these places: 1. Green city compost bin in the alley on the way to the garden, 2. in the round green composter in front of the chicken coop, 3. In the plastic container just inside the barn. We crush them and use them for tomato plants and chicken calcium supplement (once they’re unrecognizable).


Comment by Skya Livingston

Hi All –

A bit of an update: we have a new composting system OUTSIDE of the chicken coop. We hope to be posting an instructional video soon!

Note: small amounts of bread and grains are ok, but please no whole loves or large quantities – it creates too much mold! Also, please do not put whole eggs in the compost.


Comment by Skya

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