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Wish List

Email if you’d like to contribute to our needs:



Sugar snap peas

Heirloom Tomatoes



MANURE – Chicken, horse, rabbit….for enriching compost.

STRAW – For the chicken coop, the pathways, and the compost.

COMPOST – kitchen scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, orange peels…  If you live in the neighborhood, we encourage you to drop off your compost-ables weekly.

PRODUCE BASKETS – for harvesting and selling produce at farm stands.  Save your small strawberry baskets or the basket from a bushel of peaches.  Please wash them before donating!
produce basket, greenbushel basket

RAIN BARRELS – We’d love to start a water catchment system.  Rain barrels of all sizes are welcome at this time!

Pizza Oven (or someone who is interested in building one)

Plant starts

3 Rabbits

3 Rabbit cages


BEES!!! We have the hive we just need the bees!


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What kind of baskets do you need?

Comment by Rosemary Allen

Hi Rosemary. I posted a picture of the baskets we need. Thanks!

Comment by betsyj


Comment by betsyj

Im going to save up for the bees- I’d love to manage the bees and learn how to care for them!

Comment by brittany

then you are on the bee-keeping task force! updates coming soon, we have some good leads!

Comment by betsyj

Bee starter kit is on the way– in honor of Farmer D’s bee-rth-day.

Comment by lisa-lou

OH I AM ACTUALLY CRYING! Im so happy!! Bees for me???? Bees! Thank you sister!

Comment by funktownfarm

What do you do about tools? Do you have a tool shed? Hoses? There was a great article on Better Homes and Gardens on how to build a rain barrels out of a plastic garbage can — complete with spigot. I’ll see if I can find it. This is such a fantastic project. Congratulations to all of you — especially Farmer D! Rock on!

Comment by Karin

We have a tool shed on site, but can always use donations. Wire cutters are in high demand this weekend!

Neat idea about the rain barrel project, send it over!

Comment by betsyj

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