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Spring 2013 watering schedule:

Monday- Daphne



Thurs – Sara




-Please only water before 9am (or right at 9 am, but no later) or after 5pm (or else the plants can burn and die)

– Water the plants close to the root, not above the leaves.  This helps keep water drops from forming on the leaf and possibly burning the leaf by magnifying the sun. (In nature, rain comes when it’s overcast.  But when we water, it’s usually quite sunny so we have to watch out for the sun)

-Water each plant for at least a few minutes.. (3 or 4 min) at the roots

-make sure you water all the plants, including the potted ones and grass

-Please make sure you dont squish any plants with the hose

-Coil hose up on the concrete platform by the grill after you are finished please

-Turn the water off at the top of the hose using the black dial (not the spicket) when you’re done. The reason for this is that the chickens are on an auto waterer and need their hose to stay on at all times


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Sweeties! If you are unable to water on your day.. please email me and I’ll gladly find someone to cover for you! xo -d

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